Previous Pastors

Thank God for Blessed Leaders

Over the 123 years of Second Baptist – Mumford existence, GOD has certainly blessed our church with pastors after “GOD’S HEART”. These undershepard of JESUS have guided us, pointed us, channeled us and led us to the ways and will of GOD. They have fed us with knowledge and understanding to get us through the trials and tribulations of this earthly life to be move to, to be more like and to walk as JESUS the CHRIST.

Rev. Clayton Coles (1891-1905)
Rev. Slaughter (1905-1908)
Rev. Kearney (1908-1910)
Rev. Charles Hunt (1910-1912)
Rev. James Rose (1912-1913)
Rev. Mordecai Johnson (1913-1916)
Rev. Charles Haynes (1916-1919)
Rev. Simpson (1919-1920)
Rev. W. T. Parker (1920-1927)
Rev. Robert Turpin (1927-1939)
Rev. Charles Blalock (1939-1943)
Rev. Charles Epps (1943-1944)
Rev. Ivor Moore (1945-1949)
Rev. Odell Porter (1949-1952)
Rev. Paul McDaniel (1952-1956)
Rev. Thomas Wright (1957-1960)
Rev. Wendell Phillips (1960-1964)
Rev. H. Beecher Hicks (1965-1968)
Rev. William Larkin (1968-1971)
Rev. Allen Weaver (1971-1973)
Rev. Robert Glover (1973-1974)
Rev. Charles Thurman (1974-2012)