Mission & Vision

The goal of our church is clear, we want to impact the community in a positive way while proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. We plan to accomplish this by promoting our mission and keeping our eyes focussed on our vision of evangelism for all.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission, as believers, is to focus an atmosphere of spiritual understanding, to foster an attitude for Biblical stewardship, and to formulate and aptitude for religious education, whereby mutual trust and communication will be maintained, in order to better equip our members to gain a better knowledge of GOD and a better understanding of the Holy Scriptures, in applying such learning to our daily lives, as we reach out to others towards building the Kingdom of GOD.

Second Baptist Vision Statement

To dream dreams and to view with a spiritual insightfulness the unimaginables of GOD, while being constant in our vigil as a discerning, faithful people, who will work without ceasing, pray without wavering and believe without doubting that GOD’S TRUTH have been and will be Revealed and Fulfilled.