About Us

Second Baptist is the home church of many descendants of the founding families. Like a magnet, new members continue to join and enrich the spirit-filled body of the church. The congregation is a dynamic mix of talents, skills and abilities. Our members are diverse and include many business, professional and artistic careers among its members, that are striving to be filled with knowledge, wisdom and faith in GOD, to the Glory of The LORD.

Over the 123 years of Second Baptist Mumford existence, GOD has certainly blessed our church with pastors after “GOD’S HEART “. These under-shepherds of JESUS have guided us, pointed us, channeled us and led us to the ways and will of GOD. They have fed us with knowledge and understanding to get us through the trials and tribulations of this earthly life to be move to, to be more like and to walk as JESUS the CHRIST.

For 38 years, Second Baptist Mumford has been blessed by GOD to have a humble man from the cotton fields of Mississippi, The Rev. Dr. Charles Thurman, a modest man raised in a three room shotgun house, and an ordinary man transformed to the extraordinary in the Baptism of JESUS the CHRIST. A man that has encouraged all to reach their highest potential in GOD. A man that advanced the “Sacred art” of growing faithful disciples. A man that suffers and bear his cross daily in obedience to GOD’S will to overcome this world of sin. A man that places GOD first in all things that has moved from this earth to be around GOD’S Throne.

Undeniably, GOD has blessed Second Baptist Mumford with pastors after GOD’S own heart that have instructed us to answer the question, “What does it mean to be a Christian?” They have led us and bled with us on the road to experience the spiritual revival in our hearts and minds. They have assisted and aided to what is the joy of praising and worshipping GOD. They have instructed us to on how to overcome the spiritual warfare in a believer’s life. But most importantly they have
done all things for the GLORY of GOD.

“For of HIM and through HIM and to
HIM are all things: to whom be glory forever.”